Friday, 29 June 2012

60. A Touch of Retro.

I had of a little bit of a 70's throwback vibe going on for this one!  The patchwork jeans the major 'stache! 

The fun and funky pants are the Madras Pants and like most of their clothing, it's more of a system than an article of clothing unto itself.  You buy the base pants for 400L and then are able to choose from a range of other colours at 150L each to add to the base.  Changing the textures are as easy as clicking on the included HUD.

The new Layered Vest by Epicosity was a great find.  The built in tee has a wide range of colours, so this one item could be the key piece to many outfits: just pair it with short, jeans or khaki's.

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

59. Just Waiting For You.

Just me hanging out.  Pacing the floor. Flopping on my cool new chair from Zinnia's.  Where are you?

Well, guys and gals.  I have these amazing new jeans from Xplosion to show off to you today.  They come in a very wide range of colours and patterns.  I went with red.  I lean towards red.  I'm sure you've noticed that.  These jeans fit my standard sizing medium shape perfectly and are packed full of high quality detailing in the mesh and the textures.  They come in both male and female versions and, be warned, they show a lot of butt cleaveage!  I was modest and wore a long shirt today.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

58. Standard Sizing

Hey Guys!

Ok, no sensational styling or couture coolness today.  Today, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know about standard sizing.  The ladies have had it for awhile and and the collective that established standard sizing for women has now done so for the men.

What's this mean?  Well, there are 9 sliders that you might want to adjust and from then on ... wait for it ... no more adjusting your shape with every new purchasae you make!  I know, crazy stuff!  Provided of course you purchase from designers that create their mesh fashions under the standard sizing guidelines.  How would you know?  Easy, they will show the logo for standardized sizing on their ads.

I know the idea of changing your shape to one of the standard sizes sounds off-putting and will likely make us all the same.  But, it won't.  Only nine of your sliders are effected and the rest you can leave as they are.

So, as it stands for me, I tend to range between a small and a medium in mesh and have a ton of variations of my shape to allow for the differences in designers.  To help illustrate the point, I've gone ahead and made a small and medium standard sizing version of my shape to compare against the one I am most often using now.  Have a look:

From Left to Right: Standard Sizing Small, Current Shape, Standard Sizing Medium

From Left to Right: Standard Sizing Small, Current Shape, Standard Sizing Medium
 The differences are subtle, but I think I'll be adopting the Medium Size when the designs are actively producing items that adhere to these specifications.  You can get the specifics on the slider values and more information here:

The bigger question that remains for me is this:  Will the creators that have already made so many great mens mesh fashions go back and redo them to adhere to these sizes and provide the new versions to anyone who bought them previously?  Most likely not, but we can hope.  So, make sure you keep a copy of your current shape that you are using before you tweak.

Take care for now,

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Monday, 25 June 2012

57. Getting Wet!

Legal Insanity just released this great wet tank in a variety of colours for the guys and gals.  So, what better excuse to hit the beach and get wet. 

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

56. Tie One On.

It's a laid back Sunday for me this week.  Out my window is grey and blah.  So, I've retreated into SL to kill some time and guess what I've ended up doing?  Yep, new blog time.

Mandala had a new release that caught my eye today.  Their new Hokusai Watch that comes in a range of colours and each has the option of a silver or gold face and a casual or formal strap.  I've gone with the silver and casual (cuff) strap as seen in the image below.  As would be expected, this watch is chalk full of rich detail...even if the dial doesn't really keep time.

And I'm wearing culottes.  Yeah, I know.  Shocking!  But, who knew you could throw them together with a more edgier look and make it work?  It works for me at any rate!  Chronokit has these culottes available in 8 colours and 8 patterns.  I stuck with's manly.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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Friday, 22 June 2012

55. Nivaro's PANtastic New Skin!

See what I did there?  LOL.  Yep, Nivaro has a new great skin out called PAN.  It comes in a wide range of skin shades as usual and I went with the Pan theme on this shoot.  The body definition on this skin is a step up from previous skins and really needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. 

Ok, I'm not really one for making fantasy AVs.  So, please, go easy one me!

I also have to comment on the amazing two tone Northern Dawn Eyes by Mayfly that are exclusively available at Zombie Popcorn Carnival.  I find the contrasting tones colouration of the eyes captivating.  Makes sure you stop and give Mayfly's booth at the carnival a look.  But, hurry!  You only have until June 30th before the carnival closes.

Oh, and Happy Friday!  Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

54. Make A Splash!

Ok.  So, I have this external pressure to do underwear from time to time.  Now is the time!  I made my way to Vitamen recently to pick up their group gift for May/June.  They are tight, they are white and they are free!  What's not to love?

This set includes the white boxers with the gold waistband featured in the main photo along with the all white version in the inset photo.  Go grab some.  Did I mention they were free?

Oh!  And Butter ... do these pass the sexy quality control test? LOL

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

53. Let's Go On An Escapade, Baby!

I love this Night Escapade Jacket from N-creation!  Probably because I have one almost like it in reality.  Nonetheless, this jacket is rich with detail and has a real sense of style and originality.  The jacket comes in a few colour combinations and has 8 built in T-shirts that coordinate with the colour of that specific jacket.

N-creation has a relatively small but high quality range of unique mesh items available in its store.  I admit I'm curious what to see they come up with next!

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Yup, I dragged my tail around the grid Saturday scooping up the treasure left by some of those creative types in the MHOH VII Hunt that started last Friday.  I put this look together utilising just a handful of the great finds waiting for you in this hunt.

A big thank you to all of the designers for their creativity and generosity.  And, of course, also to the all the people that brought the MHOH hunt to fruition.

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

51. Hoodie or Blazer?

Hmmmm.  What to wear?  A blazer and be all super suave or a hoodie and be all super cool?  I can't decide...

Why not both?  Kal Rau released this Blazer/Hoodie combo today to solve all those indecisive moments.  You can choose from 6 colours for the hoodie and and 9 for the string via a HUD.  As expected, the details are spot on and the styling with have you looking trendy in no time.

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50. Legal Insanity!

I'm excited to say that Legal Insanity has invited me to be one of their bloggers!  So, it makes sense that the focus of today's post is the recently released Lenny shirt by Legal Insanity.

The shirt comes in a wide variety of designs and each one has three versions: the regular shirt version I'm wearing here, a tank version and a necked version.  The fit and designs are all about casual comfort and range from wild and colourful to simple solids.  Do yourself a favour and go grab a demo today!

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Monday, 11 June 2012

49. The Leather Blazer

Hoorenbeek released this great leather blazer recently.  It comes in six colours: black, white, olive, burgundy, tan and brown.  As Hoorenbreek does, the blazer is stylish and elegant with both a closed and open version.  Perfect for dressing it up with some slacks or going a more casual route with jeans.

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48. Rock n Roll Dreams Come True.

Here's one with a little but of 'tude.  Just be prepared to use a shoehorn to get the pants on and good luck getting them off again!  Tight leather pants may have worked for the '80s hair bands, but damn!

LOL.  Hope you all are off to a great start of the week.

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47. Need Some Colour?

Here is a splash of colour for you all!

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

46. Ain't It Chic?

Here's a quick and easy casual look put together with items from the MOH2 Hunt, Chic2 Event and The Mens Dept.

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45. You need this jean jacket!

Ok, I went MIA for awhile there.  Sorry about that!  I'm back and trying to catch up on the great stuff that I've missed out on.  The MOH2 hunt is almost over, The Mens Dept. has a new lot of items and Sey released this exceptional jean jacket!

The jacket itself comes in 8 colours and the shirt can be changed to your choice of 16 colours/patterns.  You can wear it over a tank, like I have, or put your perfectly sculpted abs to work and bare them to the world!  Go and try  a demo.  The fit is great and you'll be as blown away by the detail and workmanship as I was.

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