Friday, 26 October 2012

97. My Pet Demon

Lavers was sporting her new red skin and talking about doing a photo shoot.  So, what's a boy to do?  I put together this warrior angel look, grabbed some sexy poses and got into a demon conquering mood in no time!

Pose: Captive by oOo Studio
It seems that we are forever caught up in this struggle between the best and the worst of our human nature as we go through life.  The simple fact of life is that you really can't be one or the other completely.  You have to pick your shade of grey.

Pose: Beg by Essential Soul
So, with that, I say embrace the the good and let yourself indulge in the naughty every now and then!

Pose: Fatal Instinct by Essential Soul
For details on what my devilish little friend is wearing, check out her blog at: So Let It Be Written...

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

96. Limited Edition Halloween Designs by FATEwear


Sometimes, you just know when it's time to book it!  LOL.  Ok, I had some fun playing with the Hai shirt and tie from FATEwear for Hallowe'en along with "Murderer's Coat" from Zinnia.  The warm and friendly looking guy in the frame?  Oh, that's a secret for later...

FATEwear has reworked some of their great designs in celebration of Halloween.  But, they are Limited Editions, so you better check them out before they're gone.  The five designs are available in a bundle or individually.

RUN!!!...over to FATEwear and check out all the great Hallowe'en Limited Editions and don't forget to take a stab at getting the "Murderer's Coat" from Zinnia''s a free group gift! :)  She won't even make you say "Trick or Treat!".

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

95. The Long Coat

Be it SL or RL, I love the look of a well made long coat.  And when I saw this one when strolling through the Pumpkin store a couple weeks ago, I had to have it.  Granted, it was my best buddy, Lavi, that ended up getting it for me.  Ain't she sweet?

This coat does come in several colours and the long scarf is part of the coat itself.  You can change the colour of the scarf via a hud that's included with the coat to customize your look.  Throw this over jeans for a casual and refined look or wear it with your slacks and dress shoes for more classic look.  No matter where you wear it or'll look great.

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94. The Falkoty Peacoat

Happy Hump Day!

Midway through another week and Hallowe'en is just a week away!  Time has really been slipping through my fingers this autumn and I'm not sure why or how...

I do have to admit that I've been feeling a little less than inspired lately when it comes to shopping.  I try to keep my eye open for things that show real creativity, skill and quality.  But, lately, I seem to just keep stumbling on things that don't really catch my eye, similar to other things that are already out there or are very simply a mesh full perm item that's in mass production all over the grid.

Don't get me wrong!  I have nothing against using the templated/full perms mesh, but I expect to some real creativity and thought to be put into the texturing of it.  Even then I don't expect to pay more for the item than the full perm package cost to start with!  But, that's just me.

I want to see creativity from creators.

That being said, I am showing off this outfit I put together around BuFu's Falkoty peacoat.  Yep, you've seen this same mesh in other stores.  But, BuFu added their own spin to this one!  I really love the fur lining details at the collar, cuffs and pockets.  It really does give it that warm comfortable feel.  I've added my fun scarf from Sey that was a group gift.  It comes with a hud to tint it as well as change between pumpkin and spider web textures.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

93. Get Ready For Hallowe'en.

FATEwear has just released two great pieces aimed to make your Hallowe'en awesome!  The Desmond Coat that I'm featuring here today and the Rob Suit (perfect for the zombie look...or hangovers).  The Desmond Coat is inspired Assassin's Creed and comes in seven colours.

The jacket comes with a separate hood in two size variations and is well tailored to the standard sizes for mesh.  Although it's targeted for Hallowe'en, this jacket would be great for role playing or just getting noticed on the streets of SL.

Poses by Stakey

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Friday, 12 October 2012

92. The Shape of Things...

Exciting news!  For me anyhow...I've decided to launch a shape store.

"Ty'd and True Shapes" has officially landed on Marketplace.  Right now, I only have two shapes (and their demos) up there, but will be adding more as I go.  What made me take this step?  Well, I am often complimented on my look and asked where I got my shape.  So, it only made sense to try my hand at making shapes that suit my personal aesthetic.  My objective is to create shapes that I would wear and to keep the prices reasonable.

That being said, please check out my shapes.  I'd love to hear what you think about them and would value any feedback that you might offer.  So, don't be shy...and definitely feel free to contact me in world via NC or IM.

To get the ball rolling, I'd like to offer you all a special deal.  I'll reimburse your purchase if you are one of the first five people to leave feedback on either shape!

Monday, 8 October 2012

91. New Hoodies from FATEwear!

Ok, let's start this one out with a big ol' "Happy Thanksgiving" to all my fellow Canadians out there!  I hope you got stuffed with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams....  Oh yeah, and I hope you had time to reflect and be thankful for those things you cherish in your life.

I know one thing that I'm thankful for in SL: Damien Fate is one hard worker!  He's just released a couple new hoodies at FATEwear.  You have your pick of solid (Slim) or multi-coloured (Marshall).  They come in FATEwears rich palette of hues and even include a tee for underneath.

Now, here's the thing.  Do you want to go all stylish or head off in the athletic direction?  Above I've teamed the Slim hoodie with a scarf to match the stitching of my embroidered jeans from Egoisme.  And below, I've gone straight forward with the Marhsall hoodie and FATEwear's Jimmy pants to hit the treadmill (Which is probably the best idea with all the turkey I've eaten...and pie...oh, the pie!).

Oh, and a side note kiddies: Boystown is giving away free pumpkins.  You can't beat that if you are trying to decorate on a budget!  So, pop over and check out the cemetery and pick up some pumpkins.  They are great for pie. stomach!

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Friday, 5 October 2012

90. In The Trench.

I'm back with more FATEwear from their recent new releases.  It's that time of the year.  The beautiful colours of fall return with the almost forgotten chill of the autumn air.  Well, we all know that means it's time to bundle up or be tough and freeze  your ass off.  I don't know about you, but I'm too old to be tough: I opt for bundling up!  And we all want to do that in style, right?

FATEwear has the perfect coat to take you from the busy city to a country stroll in class.  This handsome trench styled coat is cinched at the waist and casually tied off.  The workmanship in this piece is all that you'd expect from FATEwear.  The detailing and refinement of the mesh exhibit a true understanding of how material would play in the real world.  The coat comes in a range of colours: desert, london, tundra, ocean, void, and volcano.

I've paired up the Roy pants with his jacket.  The casual yet tailored fit of the pants finishes off this clean look perfectly.  And the subtle detail of the striping in the material is enough to create some interest and texture.

Guys! Get over to FATEwear and grab some demos! :)

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

89. Boot Pants!

I don't know if this drives you as crazy as it drives me, but I just hate when I'm wearing something and the mesh clips or pops through something else that I'm wearing.  The biggest area of concern for this issue has always been with the hem of your pants meeting your boots or shoes.  Well, Tableau Vivant has come up with a solution for those boot issue with their newly released Boot Pants!  These tight fitting pants stay tapered against the leg allowing you to wear almost any boot without the pants popping through.

I also had to pick up the amazing boots that they had used in their promo pictures because well...clearly they are awesome!  I carried the studs through into a cuff on my wrist and finished off the look with the classic staple of the motorcycle jacket.  But, the twist to this one is the python texturing.  You gotta keep things interesting ... especially if you are going with an all black look.  

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