Thursday, 25 October 2012

96. Limited Edition Halloween Designs by FATEwear


Sometimes, you just know when it's time to book it!  LOL.  Ok, I had some fun playing with the Hai shirt and tie from FATEwear for Hallowe'en along with "Murderer's Coat" from Zinnia.  The warm and friendly looking guy in the frame?  Oh, that's a secret for later...

FATEwear has reworked some of their great designs in celebration of Halloween.  But, they are Limited Editions, so you better check them out before they're gone.  The five designs are available in a bundle or individually.

RUN!!!...over to FATEwear and check out all the great Hallowe'en Limited Editions and don't forget to take a stab at getting the "Murderer's Coat" from Zinnia''s a free group gift! :)  She won't even make you say "Trick or Treat!".

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  1. You scream like a little girl! hahahaha

    Love you anyway!