Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Disco Daze

My roomie, Lavi, came home with some groovy duds and it inspired a retro photo shoot.  Thankfully, horeenbeek has been busy putting together stylish outfits ready to go off the rack to make my Travolta dreams come true.  I combined their recently released..... with the Black Military Shirt.  After that, there was just one thing left to do; find our groove thang and  boogie-oogie-oogied til we just couldn't boogie no more! 

For the low down on what Lavi is wearing, check out her blog: So Let It Be Written...

The Details:

Body -
Skin: Reese Skin (tanned) stubble bodynormal hair by Birth
Hair: Alex ~ SB III by MADesigns Hair
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Twilight Steel, w4) by Mayfly

Clothing -
Jaket and Pants: Mesh - Formal Outfit 05 by hoorenbeek
Shirt: Military Shirt - Mesh - Black by hoorenbeek
Shoes: Mens "biker" Classic Shoe Smooth/Black by Lapointe & Bastchild  

Poses and Props: Disco by Glitterati (Marketplace Only)

Crack That Whip! Redux

Well, I promised you a more street wear friendly version of my "Crack That Whip!" outfit and here it is.  I've retained several of the main elements, including the inspiration piece: The Ring Master Jacket!  By keeping the colour palette of the jeans and accessories dark and using a colour pulled from the jacket's lapel, the jacket is highlighted perfectly!

Let's face it, you'd be hard pressed to catch me walking around in the fishnet stockings featured in the first look, but by toning it down and replacing the over-the-top elements with more everyday casual items, the look is very accessible.  

The Details:

Body -
Skin: Damien Chinbeard Light Haired by Akeruka (Group Gift)
Hair:  Le Soliel Hat & Hair (Hat: Black, Band: Pebble Leather) by Entente
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Glacial Dusk, W4) by Mayfly
Facial Hair/Chops: Chops - Black by Jaryth's Barber Shop

Accessories -
Facial Piercings: Scorpio v2 Piercings - Slide by HoD
Necklace: Path To Forgiveness (Male) by HoD
Gloves/Nails: Taped Fists & Black Nails (Loose Hand - Forearm Gap) by SiniStyle

Clothing -
Jacket: Ringmaster Jacket Red by Lazybum

Pants: Superior JNS. *MESH* / Black / Male (S) by [JP]:dsg.
Shoes: 04 Sneakers - Black Canvas 007 by Redgrave

Poses by Stakey

Sunday, 26 February 2012

I LOVE These Boots!

Lapointe & Bastchild recently released their "Biker" boots for men.  And I'm in love.  I have a closet full of boots in RL, so it's only fitting that these would be the catnip to my Puddy Tat the kyptonite to my Superman.   They come in regular or tall versions (I opted for tall which comes to the knee) and include both a boot and shoe.  Whether you choose regular or tall, there are five different finishes to choose from: Smooth Black, Smooth Tan, Distressed Black, Distressed Tan and Kevlar Black.

Mens "Biker" Tall Boots Men: Smooth/Black by Lapointe & Bastchild

So, I guess the question is "Why the boot-gasm?".  These boots are painstakingly well constructed and full of detail in both the build and the textures.  One look at them and the awesomeness will have you pulled in and wishing you had these in RL too.

A Complete Cosy and Casual Look For Under 200L

Here's a quick, simple and casual look that has a high quality look and cost under 200L.  That's right!

If you haven't been by the Menstuff Lounge recently, you need to pop by soon.  They have tons of great items that will help build up a new wardrobe or add some fun and interesting additions to a well established one.  In addition to the freebies from Menstuff Lounge, I managed to pick up a few other freebies and low cost additions to flesh out this cosy comfortable look.

Deep Sky Mesh Eye by Mayfly (Demo/Free)

If you haven't been by Mayfly, don't walk.  Their mesh eyes come in a wide range of colours and the detail is beyond belief!  The mesh eyes even have resizer menus built in to get just the look/size that you want.  The demo "London Fog" is available for free and is completely usable as a freebie as it has no demo markings.  But, at just 99L, you'll be sure to go back for a few more colours.  And, you gotta join the group, there are lots of specials and the occasional group freebie. 

The Details:
Skin: Andrej skin - Moka TDR by ~Tableau Vivant~ (The Dressing Room 70L)
Hair: Yves Hair - Boys&Girls*27(Black) by Dura (120L)
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye by Mayfly (Demo/Free)
Facial Hair: Skinny Stache and Flavour Saver - Black by Jaryth's Barber Shop (Menstuff Lounge/Freebie)
Gloves/Nails: Finger Tapes w/ nails by Luck Inc (Dollarbie)
Jacket: Bat sleeves knit coat Grey[mesh] by Mr.Poet (Freebie)
Pants: menstuff Jeans 2012 by Legal Insanity (Menstuff Lounge/Freebie)
Shoes: All Star Classic Yellow Chucks by Energie (Menstuff Lounge/Freebie)

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Crack that whip!

Is it just me or does SL sometimes feel like a circus?

This virtual world of ours gets to feel like we are centre stage in a three ring circus.  Sometimes we're the Ring Master, sometimes the clown and sometimes the sucker following the elephants.  Whether you are soaring with your accomplishments, delighting in the company of your friends and loved ones or feel like you just stepped in a steaming pile of elephant's sometimes the greatest show on earth.

At least, that's what came to mind for me when I first spotted this Ring Master's Jacket from Lazybum.  The strong lines in the structure of the collar and lapel accentuated by the striped insets make this an eye catcher!  The jacket comes in a variety of colours to suit your mood.  And, yes, this outfit is definitely a flight of fancy.  An extreme look that may not work for day to day life.  But, for today, the look sums up the excitement, beauty, awkwardness and oddity that is our SL lives.


Just as we manage to take all that our SLives throw at us and turn it into a positive and rewarding experience, in an upcoming posting, I will take inspiration from this over-the-big-top look and turn it into a fun look for everyday wear.

The Details:
Skin: Damian skin for Back To Black by Akeruka
Hair: Yves Hair - B&W - Licorice Black by Entente
Right Eye: Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Deep Marjorelle, W4) by Mayfly
Left Eye: Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Glacial Dusk, W4) by Mayfly
Facial Piercings: Scorpio v2 Piercings - Slide by HoD
Gloves/Nails: Taped Fingers & Black Nails by SiniStyle
Tattoo: Mash Up Color Dark by Para Designs
Jacket: Ringmaster Jacket Red by Lazybum
Hat: Top Hat 02 Sample Black by Meli Imako (Marketplace)
Underwear: Glitter Briefs Onyx by Lazybum
Stockings: Fishnet Leggins (black) 1 by -=MY=- (Marketplace)
Boots: Riding Boots - Men - Black/Tan by hoorenbeek

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Let's get this party started...

OK, taking the big step and starting up my own blog of fashion for men in SL.

The big question is probably "Why start a new one when so many are out there already?".  What can I say, it's a good question and I've asked it to myself several times over the last week.  My friends have assured me that I dress well and have a different point of view from many of the blogs already out there.  All that I am sure of is that I'm me.  I dress in what I like and what I'd wear on the streets of SL.

So, with that, I hope that my voice finds a home and I'm able to help and inspire some of the guys in SL to find their way through the world of being fashionable or at least being presentable.

And what's more fashionable, and impressive, then a striking suit!  I'm kicking off my blog with style and featuring the well crafted and detailed Milano Suit in black by Redgrave. 

The Milano Suit - Black by Redgrave

This refined suit is well tailored and comes with both a tie and a bow tie.  The opportunity for styling this suit to reflect your personality doesn't end there.  Redgrave also offers the Milano Aftershow Pack that includes an open shirt with an undone tie and bow tie for a more relaxed and ready to party look.  I teamed this suit up with some of my favourite accessories that I've detailed below to complete the look.

The Milano Aftershow Pack by Redgrave, Allen 2.0 w/Buckle - Black & White by hoorenbeek, Rose Boutineer: Red & White by Illusions, and Cross Mens Ring by NSD

Skin: Reese Skin (tanned) stubble_bodynormal_bald by Birth
Hair: Thibaut Hair - B&W - Licorice Black by Entente
Eye: Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Twilight Steel, W4) by Mayfly
Suit: Milano Suit - Black by Redgrave
Shoes: Allen 2.0 w/Buckle - Black & White by hoorenbeek
Ring: Cross Mens Ring by NSD
Boutineer: Rose Boutineer: Red & White by Illusions