Thursday, 27 September 2012

88. FATEwear 2.0

FATEwear hasn't been open that long, but we are already being treated to a new round of amazing creations.  I have a bunch of things to show you, so this is going to be broken into a couple posts again.

Above is the Dean Jacket in Volcano. And it sure is hot!  The styling is perfect for these coming autumn day. Half zipped with the fabric draped casual and realistically against your chest and the detailing of the straps and snaps.  This jacket is full of interest and comes in a range of colours and you can wear it with or without includes shirts.

The newly released turtleneck sweater Sheldon has a warm and cosy look while staying clean and stylish. It's straight forward restrained design is complimented by the rich detail in texturing of the fabric and shadows.  Perfect to pair with your jeans, slacks or leathers.

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87. Xplosion of Style!

Hey all!

I just got these awesome review copies from Xplosion!  The Fever MeshTop and the X*Bolt MeshPants both come in a range of colour and textures to suit just about any style and any mood. 

I was so impressed with the unique styling of these items that I just had to put together two different looks focusing on these two pieces.  The first look is more of a dark urban look and the second leaps off from more of a punk vibe.

I am always a sucker for black, and love it in this shirt.  The deep cowl neck shows off your tats, chest hair, bling..whatever you got going on.  And the armbands compliment the belt of the jeans perfectly to tie your look together with no real effort on your part!
These jeans sit low on the hips and have a built in belt and chain. I'm not usually a fan of built in accessories but they really do have their merits in the world of mesh if they are well done. And they are definitely well done in this case.  The studded belt and chain co-ordinate with the armbands of the shirt as mentioned and give a cool rocker vibe to your overall look.  These jeans come in lots of colours and patterns and even in leather if you are feeling extra edgy.

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

86. New: L&B Mesh Leather Pants

For the longest time Lapointe & Bastchild's texture/sculptie leather pants were my go to for well made and detailed leather pants for guys in SL.  But, now Paul Lapointe has outdone himself again with the release of these mesh leather pants for men!

I snatched up the fatpack of three designs that included a plain, quilted and ribbed version that can be changed via hud. If you are a fan of their signature gothic decorative artwork on the pants, don't fear, a collection of 8 designed has also been released.

The fit of these pants is perfect.  Just like the jeans, these pants are made to accentuate and fit to your masculine form.  No flat asses and bean pole legs here!  These are made for men. 

I also had some fun taking these pictures at one of the many free to use photo sets at Photo Square.  You need to check this place out if you like photography in SL or just need a new profile picture.  There are three levels of studios for you to use to create your work of art. All they ask for is a donation if you want to make one.  It sure beats having to buy studios and cubes that you will probably only use once. 

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Friday, 21 September 2012

85. Going Mono.

Howdy!  Well, here I sit with a new computer.  The old one decided it didn't like to do anything that involved operating.  So, here I sit:  new and improved.  I can actually have shadows on now and move at the same time.  It's insane!

Anyhow, I've had this new vest from Sey to show you for awhile now and I also picked up a bit of inspiration from a great "home" content creator: Apple Fall.

I'm all for black with a dash of colour for interest.  But, I've been inspired by Apple to go with a clean monochromatic look this time around.  Before I get to the clothes, check out the 2 examples of Apple's work that I've included in my photos.  The Dandelion Pendant Lamp (from the mainstore) and the Ionic Screen (from The Mens Dept. for September).  Notice the dedication to the quality and simplicity of these modern mesh designs for your home.  For me, nothing ads interest to a look more than texture: be it clothing or decor.
In showcasing the new vest from Sey, I've pulled together a range of black and grey items to play off the monochomatic pattern of the vest.  But, lets be clear.  This colour scheme is my choice!  You will have your choice of a range of patterns on the vests from cheetah prints to stripes to solids.  You will get two versions of the vest in each pack or all of them in the fat pack.  The vest can be worn on it's own or with either the long or short sleeve T-shirt included.  The T-shirts can even be tinted and retextured via the included hud.  The fit of the mesh is amazing and the texturing is clear and detailed. 
Check this vest out today if you haven't already.  Whether you are looking to add a bit of style to your jeans or tossing it over a dress shirt, this is a piece that will turn heads.
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Monday, 10 September 2012

84. Embrace Your Fate...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

So, I'm back with some more great stuff from FATEwear today.  I've shown you a couple casual looks and a couple more formal looks in my last post.  This time I've decided to go in the middle ground.  I've even worked in my favourite colour: red!  Or, to be specific Volcano.

Check out the detail in the fabric texture!
FATEwear has a great palette of colours and Damien has even gone out of his way to name the shades.  You won't find white, green or black at FATEwear.  Oh no, you get forest, tundra and void!

I've combined the untucked Hei volcano shirt (tundra tie included) with the tundra pants from the Smith Suit outfit.  This goes against the rule of thumb for FATEwear as anything with the same name is made to fit together.  For example, if a shirt is named Jimmy and pants are named Jimmy.  Those two pieces will fit together perfectly.  But, as you can see here, don't be afraid to mix and match.  Although these designs have different names, they still work together well and look amazing together.

Lastly, check out my awesome new chair that I picked up at faMESHed this month!  It rocks, right? I love these classic designs come to the grid.  Would have liked the leather to be a bit more detailed and it seems the poses are more geared to female AVs.  But, all the same, I have it set up in my library and it looks great!

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

83. FATEwear.

Well, I just got a bit of excitement before heading to bed.  I was a runner up in the FATEwear photo contest! (  I tend not to have such luck.  So, as you can only guess, my skybox has suddenly become a scene from a 5 year olds Christmas morning as I tore open all the boxes and bows.

Here's a the picture that did the trick featuring the free outfit from FATEwear just for joining their subscriber:

I was already looking forward to see this new men's store by Damien Fate to hit the grid since he had a hand in the successful and beloved women's store ColdLogic.  Well, from the items that I received as my price tonight, let me tell you, this store isn't going to disappoint!  Rich detailed textures and well fitted mesh abound in these designs!

It's late, so I just wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the things that I received and get you hyped up for the grand opening tonight at midnight SLT.  Enjoy!

Wearing from FATEwear: Vinnie Shirt in Jungle and John Pants in Void

Wearing from FATEwear: Luke Shirt in Void and Zack Shorts in Void

Wearing from FATEwear: FATEwear Suit: Willard Pants in Desert, Willard Shirt in Lake, Willard Tie in Void and Willard Waistcoat in Void (Bag is the "packaging" of products)

Wearing from FATEwear: FATEwear Suit: Smith Suit in Tundra
So, as soon as that SL clock hits midnight tonight...rush on over to FATEwear!  You won't regret it.

Thanks Damien and the judges for choosing my picture and a huge thank you for the generous prize. Ty

Friday, 7 September 2012

82. Not So Bad ... Pretty Good

Hey All!

Let me take a moment here.  I have to confide in you that I need to slow down on my blog for personal and real life reasons.  So, I apologize to you all for that.  I do appreciate the support of everyone that comes here and I hope that I've helped you out and will do my best to squeeze in some posts from time to time.

Ok, now to the fun stuff.  Not So Bad has released new Joris jeans and the Mason t-shirt with prints.  The jeans are superb in both design and texture.  They have a nice thick cuff at the hem and a higher crotch than their previous releases.  The height of the cuff will allow you to wear any kicks you want without the dreaded clipping of mesh on shoe.  It's important to note that their sizing isn't conforming to standardized sizing though.  I am a medium in standardized sizing and have gone with both a small pant and shirt for these images.

The Mason t-shirts come in a range of colours with a variety of printed sayings.  I've gone with the pink "Bad Hair Day" version of the shirt even if my hair is looking awesome!  The shirt is nicely sculpted but the texture is less refined than that of the jeans.  I also find that the shirt does clip the jeans a bit at the front.  That's not in the case in the back though.  Be prepared to show off some of your ASSets my friends!

Go grab a demo and try these fun casual pieces for yourself.


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Sunday, 2 September 2012

81. The Brooklyn Jacket

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Well, here it is the start of September.  It's hard to believe that the summer is coming to a close already and we need to enjoy these last few days of sun and warmth before things start to change.

But, there is a bright side to the change in climate.  You get to go shopping for cool weather clothing and I have some great things to show you to add some warmth and style to your autumn.

To start with is this great leather jacket that was recently released by hoorenbeek.  The mesh and texturing are up to the usual high quality that you'd expect and it comes in six colours: black, beige, brown, burgundy, grey and tan.  The jackets include variety of t-shirt options if you choose to wear the jacket open like I did.  You also have the option of wearing it zipped up on those really cool days.

I'm wearing the burgundy jacket here along with the V-neck, half tucked cross t-shirt.  I really like how the half tuck t-shirt shows off the belt buckle on the jeans.  Additionally, I went with some nice red Dr. H boots to play off the burgundy of the jacket.  Toss on some stylish and sleek Hollywood glasses and you are set with a warm but cool look for the fall.

Additional side note for you, hoorenbeek's is currently having a sale for additional t-shirt designs that work with all of their mesh jackets.  Just 200L each til the end of today. 

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