Friday, 6 September 2013

100. Ty'd and True Poses Launch!

Hey Everyone!

Ok, yeah, I've been laying low and haven't posted anything in a long time.  What have I been up to, you ask?  Well, I did that will power thing to cut down on shopping and somehow got caught up in the world of breedables.  Yeah, that's not cheaper than shopping...LOL.

But, recently I thought to myself: "Ty, you should do something a little more productive and meaningful with your time".  I promptly ignored myself and made some hand gestures, of course.  But, alas, given some time and some motivation.  I have ventured out of my comfort zone of being a professional shopper/spender.  I have launched my own store:  Ty'd and True Poses.

Presently, I'm focusing on making pose sets for men and women (with mirrors) and also couple and group poses.  Pose sets and couples poses are available at 150L or you can buy individual poses from the sets directly from the vendors in store.

Please take a moment to check out my poses on MP and/or inworld (images provided below).  And, be sure to join the group as I'll be giving out group gifts.  I also hope to have some other fun giveaways for members and encourage you all to contact me with any questions, concerns or requests.

Ty'd and True Poses InWorld
Ty'd and True Poses MarketPlace

Thank you and I hope to see you :)

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