Saturday, 7 September 2013

101. Do I Even Remember What To Do?

Let's just talk about being rusty for moment here!

I thought I'd share a look for the day.  I got some pretty good finds that are well worth sharing.  Stuff from gacha, freebies and some old goodies that I still keep wearing.

So, yep, here are some pretty "straight from SL" shots for ya.  Not all that artistic, I hear ya!  But, hell, at least you know what the stuff will look like for sure once you get it inworld.  Don't you hate it when things have been photoshop'ed to death on a blog and things just don't look as good as you thought they would?

So, what's going on?  Well, let's start with the pants, these suckers rock!  They are the newest group gift from LikeA and announce the release of their newest jeans BK.  The belt comes with a hud with 5 options and the boxers have 6 options.  So, you'd be sure to find something you like.  They fit great and I don't have the issue with the boxers cutting into my shape like on some other jeans that have the exposed boxers.

Moving up, as you might already know, the Arcade Gacha Event is back in full swing and things have died down enough that you can actually get your foot in the door.  I have zero luck, so my lovely friend Lavi helped me out and got me the rare set of fingerless gloves from Shi and the cool necklace from Sleepy Eddy.

Take the jump for the details:

The Details:
(Please refer to the "Designer Directory" on homepage for SLURLs)

Skin: Cernummos Skin MD Edition - "Scratch Beard" by Labyrinth
Hair: Baseball cap2/Kyler A in Ebony by Argrace
Eyes: Liquid Light Eyes (Twilight Steel) by Mayfly
Tattoo: Scale Sleeves by Vestigium
Beard: King Beard by Nivaro

Gloves: Fingerless Gloves by Shi (The Arcade Gacha Event)
Necklace: Pocket Watch Necklace by Sleepy Eddy (The Arcade Gacha Event)

Pants: Denim Red BK303 by LikeA (Group Gift)
Shoes: Sneakers/Manifesto/Lo/Leather/Black by DEF!

Poses by Ty'd and True Poses (Hunter Set)

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