Saturday, 25 February 2012

Crack that whip!

Is it just me or does SL sometimes feel like a circus?

This virtual world of ours gets to feel like we are centre stage in a three ring circus.  Sometimes we're the Ring Master, sometimes the clown and sometimes the sucker following the elephants.  Whether you are soaring with your accomplishments, delighting in the company of your friends and loved ones or feel like you just stepped in a steaming pile of elephant's sometimes the greatest show on earth.

At least, that's what came to mind for me when I first spotted this Ring Master's Jacket from Lazybum.  The strong lines in the structure of the collar and lapel accentuated by the striped insets make this an eye catcher!  The jacket comes in a variety of colours to suit your mood.  And, yes, this outfit is definitely a flight of fancy.  An extreme look that may not work for day to day life.  But, for today, the look sums up the excitement, beauty, awkwardness and oddity that is our SL lives.


Just as we manage to take all that our SLives throw at us and turn it into a positive and rewarding experience, in an upcoming posting, I will take inspiration from this over-the-big-top look and turn it into a fun look for everyday wear.

The Details:
Skin: Damian skin for Back To Black by Akeruka
Hair: Yves Hair - B&W - Licorice Black by Entente
Right Eye: Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Deep Marjorelle, W4) by Mayfly
Left Eye: Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Glacial Dusk, W4) by Mayfly
Facial Piercings: Scorpio v2 Piercings - Slide by HoD
Gloves/Nails: Taped Fingers & Black Nails by SiniStyle
Tattoo: Mash Up Color Dark by Para Designs
Jacket: Ringmaster Jacket Red by Lazybum
Hat: Top Hat 02 Sample Black by Meli Imako (Marketplace)
Underwear: Glitter Briefs Onyx by Lazybum
Stockings: Fishnet Leggins (black) 1 by -=MY=- (Marketplace)
Boots: Riding Boots - Men - Black/Tan by hoorenbeek

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