Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Complete Cosy and Casual Look For Under 200L

Here's a quick, simple and casual look that has a high quality look and cost under 200L.  That's right!

If you haven't been by the Menstuff Lounge recently, you need to pop by soon.  They have tons of great items that will help build up a new wardrobe or add some fun and interesting additions to a well established one.  In addition to the freebies from Menstuff Lounge, I managed to pick up a few other freebies and low cost additions to flesh out this cosy comfortable look.

Deep Sky Mesh Eye by Mayfly (Demo/Free)

If you haven't been by Mayfly, don't walk.  Their mesh eyes come in a wide range of colours and the detail is beyond belief!  The mesh eyes even have resizer menus built in to get just the look/size that you want.  The demo "London Fog" is available for free and is completely usable as a freebie as it has no demo markings.  But, at just 99L, you'll be sure to go back for a few more colours.  And, you gotta join the group, there are lots of specials and the occasional group freebie. 

The Details:
Skin: Andrej skin - Moka TDR by ~Tableau Vivant~ (The Dressing Room 70L)
Hair: Yves Hair - Boys&Girls*27(Black) by Dura (120L)
Eyes: Deep Sky Mesh Eye by Mayfly (Demo/Free)
Facial Hair: Skinny Stache and Flavour Saver - Black by Jaryth's Barber Shop (Menstuff Lounge/Freebie)
Gloves/Nails: Finger Tapes w/ nails by Luck Inc (Dollarbie)
Jacket: Bat sleeves knit coat Grey[mesh] by Mr.Poet (Freebie)
Pants: menstuff Jeans 2012 by Legal Insanity (Menstuff Lounge/Freebie)
Shoes: All Star Classic Yellow Chucks by Energie (Menstuff Lounge/Freebie)

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