Saturday, 4 October 2014

111. October catch up!

Hey all...

Sorry for the neglect lately.  Let me catch you up on what's going on with Ty'd and True Poses.

Well, we had to relocate.  So, please trash any LM that you might have and use this new location for the store.  My store is not attached to my friend Lavi's photostudio: Monkey Wrench Photography.  It's worth a check if you are in the market for a new profile picture or just some great photos for your wall.  She specializes in family photos...or at least she seems to take a lot of them! :)

To show just how far behind I am at updating the blog, I had been involved with Pose Me Amazing a month ago and if you never made it, well the poses are now available in my store!  Check them out below:

I've also added two new group gifts and will be removing some of the older ones come grab them while you can.

Finally, my friend Ryder needed a pose for a creepy shot he was doing.  So, I'm offering up that pose free to all his followers...and to all of you too!  Just come to the store and find the purple sparkle pumpkin and it a click.

Well, now I'm back to work figuring out some fun new halloween poses for this year!  Don't for get the great stuff we released last year that is still available!

;) Ty

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