Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Break Away From The Herd

In nature, a zebra's pattern helps them blend into the herd.  Well, with this very distinctive zebra print leather jacket from Poison, you'll be standing out from the crowd!  This jacket is bold, to say the least, and will get you noticed in no time.

I've also picked up these stunning eyes from Eddesign.  You don't just get an eye texture, you get what amounts to an entire customisable system.  I am wearing eyes from the Cytrus series and they came with 10 different textures that vary in saturation, 2 twinkle effects, sexy effect (slight glow) and a shiny eye effect (slight shine).  These eyes are definitely worth checking out if you want to stand out!

Take the jump for the details.

The Details:

Body -
Skin: Damien Chinbeard Light Haired by Akeruka (previous group gift)
Hair & Hair Base: Clipper Cuts - Sebastian - Brown by Jaryth's Barber Shop
Eyes: Cytrus Series Eyes - Blue Sky Dark Eyes by Eddesign

Accessories -
Sunglasses: Bonus Folded Pair - Aviator by Gos
Belt: Plugged Belt by Blitzed
Gloves: LeatherGloves/Fingerless/Black by Hermony

Clothing -
Jacket: Riders Leather Jacket Zebra by Poison
Shirt: TankTop/ Plain Purple by Hermony
Pants: Morgan Pants (slim) Black by Zoobong
Boots: NAU Combat Boots by The Abyss

Poses by Stakey

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