Friday, 30 March 2012

24. Four Eyes!

Sometimes things just put themselves together...magically.  Ok, well, sometimes you just have some things left in your inventory that you haven't managed to use yet and find out they fit together by luck ... errr, I mean skill, total skill.

This chic and stylish look pulled together when I found these fun and forward glasses by Fashion Emergency at Mens Select as part of their current selection.  The tones in the glasses reflect and tie together the colours throughout the outfit.

And the new skin compliments of my amazing and generous roomie, Lavi!  Thanks for the amazing Bday present, gorgeous!

Take the jump for the details.

The Details:
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Body -
Skin: Crow Skin - Summertone by Nivaro
Hair: Teddy Black by Atro Patena
Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes (Glacial Dusk, w4) by Mayfly

Accessories -
Glasses: Nerdy Glasses by Fashion Emergency (Mens Select)

Clothing -
Jacket: 4Minute - Jacket/Black by Sweetest Goodbye (Monso)
Pants: Billie Jeans by Zoobong!
Shirt: Classic Business Shirt - Dust by Redgrave
Shoes: Terra by Kalnins Footwear

Shadow Box and Poses by Exposeur

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