Thursday, 17 May 2012

44. It Was A Rainy Day...

It was just one of those rainy overcast days.  Stuck in the house with not much to do.  Well, stuck in the house with my wifey.  We found something to do!

There isn't much to say, it's all self explanatory.
Pose by Stakey

Maybe I can blame my new "Playground" tat from Sweet Sin.  It's suggestion and fun without being crude or rude about it.  And, frankly, she rarely turns down an open invitation.

Pose by oOo Studio

The awesome undies come from Lazybum.  If you haven't been to check out the store yet, you gotta go!  Lots of stylish underwear, swimwear, shirts, etc.

Pose by oOo Studio

That applies to the fashion of it all too.  I picked up this great skin from Prodigal that shows lots of definition if you want that powerhouse look.

Pose by oOo Studio

For all the steamy details on what Lavi is wearing, check out her blog: So Let It Be Written... 

Take the jump for the details:

The Details:
(Please refer to the "Designer Directory" on homepage for SLURLs)

Body -
Skin: Kai Medium Buzz Stubble by Prodigal
Hair: Jakob_Ash by Atro Patena
Eyes: Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Twilight Steel Shadow, w4) by Mayfly
Tattoo: Scales by Vestigium
Tattoo: Playground by Sweet Sin Tattoos
Feet: Men Natural Barefeet 20 by Slink

Clothing -
Underwear: Arlecchino Briefs by Lazybum

Poses: Stakey, and oOo Studio

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