Wednesday, 25 April 2012

35. Spring Training.

Spring is here and it's time to test out the old equipment and make sure everything is in working order.  With that in mind, Lavi and I headed to the nearest park and worked on our swing before catching a touch of spring fever.

I picked up these great Sports Shorts from Shiver the other day.  They are mesh and come in a range of colour and 4 different sizes to suit your shape.  You'll also want to grab some prim socks now that the weather is calling for shorts.

For the low down on what Lavi is wearing, check out her blog: So Let It Be Written... 

Take the jump for the details:

The Details:
(Please refer to the "Designer Directory" on homepage for SLURLs)

Body -
Skin: Crow Skin - Summertone by Nivaro
Hair: Hard Day's Night - bittersweet by Shag
Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes (Glacial Dusk, w4) by Mayfly
Tattoo: Scales by Vestigium
Chest Hair: Lightly Hairy Chest - Black by Jaryth's Barber Shopo
Ouchies!: Knee and Elboy - Wounds by Dark Midday Designs

Clothing -
Shorts: Mesh Sports Shorts Blue by Shiver
Socks: Mesh Socks White by EB Atelier

Shoes: All Star - HiTop Used - Black by hoorenbeek

Poses -
With Camera: Say Cheese! by Mannequin
With Bat: Bat by Diesel Works {Free}
Against Tree: The Band Aide by SSP
On Table: French Kiss 1 by SSP

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