Thursday, 12 July 2012

68. Meet Tyler.

Redgrave has just released a new male skin!  And, let me tell you, it has been worth the wait.  Please, meet Tyler.  The Tyler skins come in three tones: pale, tan and dark.  But, these are more than just skins, they are a skin system.

I've picked up the tan version of the Tyler skin and that's what is being featured in the images seen here.  Oh, and as a side note, these pictures are straight from SL and unedited (other than slapping hte framing on).  So, what you see is how the skin looks inworld.

Let me start by saying that this skin is chalk full of the attention to detail and the refinement that we have come to expect from Redgrave.  And, just to take it up a notch, they have included a ton of options to help you personalise your skin.

As seen above, each of the five facial hair options comes with a version with and without body hair.  Yeah, that's right.  You actually end up getting ten skin.  But, that's not all.

The facial hair options will take you from pretty boy to pretty rugged.  The options range from shaved to a full beard as you can see.  Four of  the facial hair variations are above and the shaved look is below.

Finally, to add that last bit of customisation, there are four tattoo layer effects that are included: Kajal Eyes, Open Lips, Tanbooster Bronze and Tanbooster Smooth.  You can use these layers in combination to come up with your perfect look or not.  These layers are optional to enhance you look if you desire.

Take the jump for the details:

The Details:
(Please refer to the "Designer Directory" on homepage for SLURLs)

Body -
Skin: Tyler Tan by Redgrave
Hair & Base: Tyler Dark by Redgrave

Eyes: Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Twilight Sea Shadow, w4)  by Mayfly
Feet: Mens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged) by Slink

Poses: Stakey

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