Saturday, 14 July 2012

69. Sharp Dressed Man.

Every girl is crazy about them.  Well, that's what ZZ Top said, so it has to be true.

 And you'll certainly be turning heads in one of hoorenbeek's mesh suits.  I'm showing you the black and white pinstripe version of their suit today, but it does come in a range of colours both solid and pinstriped.

By now you know that I appreciate clothing that is well executed and provides options to customise a personal look or make the item have multiple uses.  Theses suits have just that!  You can go with the full three piece suit for the very formal look or forgo the vest and you have a traditional two piece suit.  It doesn't end there:  wear the suit pants with  just the dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, or wear the blazer with a polo or tee with jeans!  This isn't just a suit to be worn to those SL weddings you feel obligated to attend.  This is a functional piece for your wardrobe!

These suits are complete!  They include detailed belts in black or brown leather with gold or silver accents and huds to change the tie and handkerchief colours.  And, as you can see above, you can loosen off your tie for a more relaxed look after the formalities are done.  All you really need to add are the shoes and a splash of your own personality.

Take the jump for the details:

The Details:
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Body -
Skin: Tyler - Tan/ 05 fullbeard by Redgrave
Hair and Hair Base: Tyler - Dark by Redgrave
Eyes: Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Twilight Sea Shadow, w4)  by Mayfly

*Suit: Mesh Pinstripe Suit - Black & White by hoorenbeek
*Shoes: Cambridge Boots - Black by hoorenbeek

Poses:1st and 3rd pictures: Suave Cane by Exposeur (The Mens Dept)

*Review Copy


  1. hi did the shape come wt the skin ?

    1. Hi Logan - No, this shape is my own. But, redgrave does have a shape that goes with the Tyler skin that you can buy separately.